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Triumph is Fleeting :iconsythesol:Sythesol 19 2 More Is Less :iconsythesol:Sythesol 22 0 The Austrian Imperium :iconsythesol:Sythesol 15 5 World War Averted: The Fall of Britain :iconsythesol:Sythesol 22 8
(AltHist) U.S. Diplomats in Germany
-American Ambassador to the United Nations Barack Obama meets with German Foreign Minister Angela Merkel- Germania, Greater German Empire
February 20, 2017
Senior Reporter Robert Clemont
    (CNN) - President Gore's campaign promise to resume diplomatic ties with the nations of the Axis Pact officially began after multiple meetings in the German capital today. The move has received mixed opinions, supporters arguing that after 70 years of failed international embargoes and sanctions, a change in policy is needed. Detractors point to the multiple human rights violations of Germany and Britain, particularly in Africa, and to the oppressive undertones the governments of the Axis still possess.
    President Gore has stated repeatedly that he wishes to find "common ground, while still policing any illegal actions" taken by Axis members. Republican politicians, however, are still pointing to Gore's potential ties
:iconsythesol:Sythesol 0 0
The Kingdom of Hungary-Poland :iconsythesol:Sythesol 14 6 The World Spins on a New Axis :iconsythesol:Sythesol 17 3 CP Victory / Mirrored WW2 (1943) :iconsythesol:Sythesol 9 0 CP Victory / Mirrored WW2 (1942) :iconsythesol:Sythesol 11 0 CP Victory / Mirrored WW2 (1941) :iconsythesol:Sythesol 16 0 CP Victory / Mirrored WW2 (1940) :iconsythesol:Sythesol 12 0 CP Victory / Mirrored WW2 (1939) :iconsythesol:Sythesol 13 0 CP Victory / Mirrored WW2 (1938) :iconsythesol:Sythesol 14 0 CP Victory / Mirrored WW2 (1937) :iconsythesol:Sythesol 17 0 CP Victory / Mirrored WW2 (1936) :iconsythesol:Sythesol 15 0 Germany Rises in the South :iconsythesol:Sythesol 13 1


The Bear Falls :iconkitfisto1997:KitFisto1997 41 17 Countryball Mush #8 - A small step too late :iconvenatortundra:VenatorTundra 13 5 Happy White Day :iconpenguia1029:Penguia1029 14 3 Cultural Enrichment :iconathicer:Athicer 25 28 Republic of East Prussia :iconaltmaps:altmaps 32 13 Balkan - 1950 :iconcyowari:Cyowari 21 0 Naked Boy Stan :iconarvalis:arvalis 1,127 312 The New Renaissance :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 75 34 SE chart update: Its big, very big (fixed) :icondragonthunders:Dragonthunders 83 74 Modern German Reich :iconbluearctica:BlueArctica 75 27 The New Renaissance [WIP] :iconrvbomally:RvBOMally 32 16 Hungarian Colonial Empire :iconentrerrianomaps:EntrerrianoMaps 23 11 Beijing Rising :iconaltruistichedonist:AltruisticHedonist 14 6 German Islam :iconquantumbranching:QuantumBranching 43 15 The Last Day of Peace: Rise of the Reds 2045 (Alt) :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 34 12 The Remnants of France :iconwewlad11:WewLad11 34 14



Thanks everyone! I am a dummy! Clap Nod La la la la 


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Triumph is Fleeting
Another map, this time Germany defeats the Soviets, then gets the atom bomb about the same time as the Americans. 
A peace treaty is eventually worked out, and Germany gets to work asserting itself in Europe.
The Allies unite out of fear of German nukes.
However, the threat of Germany is eventually eclipsed by that of China, which spreads communism around the world.
Instability in Italy leads to German intervention. After Hitler's death, various factions are vying for power and influence over the new Führer, and it's slowly tearing the Reich apart.
Feel free to ask any questions about the map! 
More Is Less
The end of the Great War saw the split of the Entente over how Germany should be punished; the United Kingdom sought to impose reparations and some minor territorial concessions, while France demanded that its enemy be divided. No agreement could be reached that France approved of, so they imposed their own terms by marching their armies into Germany. Bavaria, at the time in revolt, declared its independence from Germany, while Germany's armies withdrew to Berlin to protect the government. The French set up the Republic of the Rhine, and the German government eventually formed the Second Kingdom of Prussia. No formal peace treaty was ever signed with the Allies. The remnants of Austria-Hungary collapsed into anarchy, giving rise to the Hungarian Soviet Republic, while in the east the Soviet Union coalesced. Many years have passed since the end of the Great War, with numerous civil wars being fought, some nations disappearing, and new orders arising. And now, as the Comintern poises itself to strike the authoritarian Entente, the future of Europe will once again be shaped by war.
Thanks everyone! I am a dummy! Clap Nod La la la la 
The Austrian Imperium
And here we have Uber Austria at the height of its power.

It would later be crushed by a coalition of foreign powers and divided.
World War Averted: The Fall of Britain
Britian suffers during the Great Depression and, similar to Germany, falls under the sway of fascism.
70 years hence, the isolation of the Axis may be coming to an end.
Feel free to ask any questions you might have about the map.


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